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Before jumping into the discussion of whether CBD oil is beneficial for treating menstrual cramps, let us introduce what CBD is.

CBD – Introduction:

CBD is the abbreviation of Cannabidiol. It is naturally obtained from the hemp plant, which comes under the cannabis family of the plants. There are two important constituents in cannabis (marijuana), CBD, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Unlike THC, which is the active component in marijuana, CBD is non-psychoactive, making a person relax, and doesn’t get them high.

Moreover, CBD obtained from hemp with as low as 0.3% THC is legal in the United States. So, there are no legal issues to worry about. Just make sure to buy products from authentic brands.

CBD and health benefits:

CBD has many health benefits. World Health Organization (WHO) reported that CBD is beneficial for many medical treatments and is not risky for public health problems. It is used to treat major diseases like seizures, childhood epilepsy, and Lennox-Gas taut syndrome (LGS). CBD is frequently used to treat anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pains. Moreover, some studies suggested that it has anti-cancer properties in it. It has powerful inflammation and anxiety-reducing properties.

Some side effects of CBD:

Some usual side effects can be seen while using CBD like nausea, drowsiness and fatigue, irritability, and Gastrointestinal problems. Sometime it may interact with other medications and cause problems like thinning the blood. These types of effects can be reduced by lowering the dosage of the patient. If CBD product is not pure and contains a high THC level, it may cause dry mouth, hunger, and mood spells. So before you buy any product of CBD, make sure it is in the pure form where THC is non-existent.

Products of CBD:

  • FPA approved medicine epidiolex
  • It is present in edibles like chocolates and gummies
  • CBD creams and lotions are available
  • CBD in form oil product is available

CBD Oil for Treating Period Pain:

Millions of women have to deal with period pain. The menstrual cramps are natural, but if the pain becomes unbearable, this is a caution that now is the time to visit your doctor. Menstrual pains are unpleasant. That is why, sometimes, they can be a major hurdle in routine work.

What Types of Pain is experienced?

  • Cramping
  • Lower back pain
  • Headache
  • Lethargy

Why we experience Period Pain?

The pain that occurs during periods is because of the contraction of the uterus muscles. If they contract too much against the blood vessels, they cut off the oxygen to the uterus, which causes pain. This process is trigger by a hormone called prostaglandins. The other reasons for pain can be:

  • Endometriosis is a painful condition in which the tissue similar to uterus tissue grows outside the uterus.
  • Fibroids in the uterus.
  • Adenomyosis is when the tissue grows into the muscular wall of the uterus.
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) in the sexually transmitted bacteria spreads from your vagina to your uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries.

CBD Oil and Period Pain:

Now here is the good news! CBD and its supplements work. Now there will be no need to suffer or cancel your plans due to cramps.

How does CBD work?

  • CBD and inflammatory effect

So the best effect CBD provides is by lowering the prostaglandin level that reduces inflammation and provides us with a relaxing effect. The strong anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are proved by research.

  • Relaxation during the period

As we know, CBD’s common effect is reducing anxiety and stress, so when we use it, it causes us to loosen up, which ultimately results in experiencing less pain. Not only that, but scientists also support the anti-anxiolytic benefits of CBD, and that is why CBD is used to manage epileptic patients.

  • Soothe Muscle and abdomen cramping

You can use CBD oil as a pain killer. It can be applied directly to the abdomen to lessen the cramps or be taken internally to soothe muscle contraction.

  • Ease for oxygen-starved tissue

CBD calms the muscle, which is lined with blood vessels hence causing the blood flow to increase. This blood flow eases the oxygen-starved tissues and results in decreased pain.

Some other CBD Products to Relief Period Pain:

  • Chocolate for periods

Chocolate is already known to make you feel less stressed. But when it is combined with CBD, the results are amazing. This CBD chocolate is purely organic. When eaten, it nourishes the body and helps in reducing headaches, anxiety, and cramps.

  • CBD Bath Bombs

It is perfect for calming you during a bath. Just dissolve it in water to make yourself feel relaxed. The bath gives a full-body effect. The warm bath with CBD brings back the strained muscles to normal. It reduces the effect of PMS and hormonal upset.

  • CBD Tampons

The CBD tampons consist of oil that is inserted into the vagina. It lessens the pain and makes you feel good. Please make sure you consult it with your physician before using them.

  • CBD Lotions

This lotion is applied to the abdomen to lower the cramps. Massage the painful area with this lotion and enjoy the soothing results.

Hence, using CBD Oil might be a top solution to deal with period pains and cramps, but it is always wise to take your doctor’s word. We hope this blog proves helpful for you to know how the natural menstrual cramps can be tackled in this way and to understand the bewildering health benefits of CBD.

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CBD for heart disease

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the many cannabinoids that are present inside a cannabis plant. Unlike its sister compound THC, it doesn’t make the person nauseous and doesn’t makes him high but helps in regulating the body. Cannabinoids affect the endocannabinoid system which plays a pro vital role in regulating human body against inflammation or disease. CBD is in the headlines lately because it is available in the form of oils, salves, gummies and lotions. CBD is gaining popularity in the medicine market because of its positive effect on all kinds of conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain and heart related diseases.

There is some research and evidence that shows that CBD can have health related benefits but the ground reality is that a proper research on the benefits of CBD still needs to be done. Along with that CBD products are till now not being regulated by FDA. The only symptom or condition for which CBD has been approved to treat is epilepsy and is available in the form of drug Epidiolex.

Research about CBD and heart disease

Due to the anti-inflammatory and ant oxidative property of the CBD, there are slightly low risk factors involved that can lead to heart disease such as high BP. It is also being said that CBD can also reduce the risk of other conditions such as stroke.

High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure is the main cause of the heart diseases right now. One’s blood pressure can easily rise if he feels stress or takes unwanted tension. Due to the advancement in technology and research in the related field scientists have come to know that CBD can lessen the spike of high blood pressure. Although the field demands that more research is needed to be done, still CBD is quite useful in lowering blood pressure and heart rate under the stress.


Due to high blood pressure and other cardiovascular symptoms there is always a dangerous chance that one might get a stroke. An ischemic stroke takes place whenever a blood clot blocks the flow of blood to the brain. a blood vessel inside the brain can also burst causing the person to suffer from a hemorrhagic stroke. Both 2013 and 2017’s study have found out that CBD can increase the cerebral blood flow and can avoid brain damage, causing the brain to function normally.

How to use CBD?

Although CBD comes in many forms but the most common and used one right now is CBD oil. It surpasses skin creams.            Taking CBD or putting it under your tongue is the easiest way to consumer it. Since FDA doesn’t regulate CBD and its related products therefore it is advised that you must conduct your research before purchasing any of these products. Also it is advised that you must consult your doctor before trying any of these medications.

Precautionary measurements

Always buy your product from a reputable source. Since the FDA doesn’t regulate any kind of CBD products therefore you must always talk to your doctor before purchasing any of these products. Always check with your pharmacist that if they have a vetted product recommendation. If you are new to CBD and want to start dosing on it, it is advised that you start with a small dose and find the right dosage for you through it. Increase your dosage by 5 to 10 milligrams at a time. Beware of the side effects and quit increasing your dosage if you are facing side effects.

Side effects and safety concerns

Researchers have reported that CBD have a very few possible side effects as it has a very good safety profile. It is not addictive and one can never overdose on it. However there are still a few things that one must keep in his mind if he wants to try CBD.

  • CBD might interact with the other medications that you are using.
  • High CBD usage might result in fatigue.
  • One might suffer from diarrhea while using CBD.
  • In some cases, it was reported that people who used CBD regularly, it resulted in the change in weight.

Talk to your doctor before trying CBD

If you are suffering from a disease that might be cured by CBD, and are considering trying it, talk to your doctor first. Consult your doctor before trying any of the products that contain CBD or compounds of it. Always ask your physician about the right dosage and discuss with your doctors the intricate details about it. Even though the research into CBD and heart disease shows signs of improvement, more research is required to understand the true benefits of CBD. CBD must not be considered a cure for heart disease at any cost.

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High Strength CBD Oil Tincture vs. Low Strength CBD Oil Tinctures

Shopping for CBD can make you feel like a kid in the candy store, but it can also be confusing, especially when it comes to determining high-strength CBD tinctures from low-strength CBD tinctures.

And it’s not made any easier when some CBD sellers label their hemp oils and tinctures with wording that may be unclear, like “purity” or “potency.”

The strength of your CBD tincture is a huge part of your selection process, and depends on how much cannabidiol the product contains.
But what exactly is cannabidiol? And how can we deviate low-strength CBD tinctures from high-strength CBD tinctures?

In this shopper’s guide, we plan to answer those questions and more.

What is CBD?
So what exactly is CBD, anyway?
Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a unique compound which comes from both hemp and marijuana plants.

Yes, that means that CBD is found in weed, alongside its relative, THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid known for creating a “high.”

However, hemp plants contain little THC, but instead exceptionally high levels of CBD, which won’t get you high, but does pose its own benefits.
One of the most common uses of CBD is for alleviating stress. Many individuals have found success in calming their nerves with CBD. In one Brazilian study, for instance, it was shown that 300 mg doses of CBD helped with speech anxiety amongst 60% of subjects.

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (A.K.A. full-spectrum CBD oil, whole hemp oil)
Full-spectrum hemp oil is just what it sounds like. It’s going to provide you with the entire spectrum of cannabinoids; not only CBD, but also CBN, CBG, CBD, along with naturally occurring terpenes that are essential for creating the entourage effect.

Full-spectrum can contain up to .3% THC, but rest assured that’s not enough to create any kind of psychoactive effect or high. Plus, full-spectrum hemp oil is legal in all 50 states.

Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil (A.K.A. broad-spectrum CBD oil, hemp oil, hemp extract)

While broad-spectrum hemp oil isn’t going to provide all of the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes, it’s still going to deliver a considerable amount, with the added benefit of being THC-free.

While it is recommended by many CBD lovers to buy products with just a little THC, it really is up to the customer whether they want THC in their hemp oil, or if they don’t want any at all. And this option is perfect for the latter.

CBD isolate (A.K.A. CBD oil, pure CBD oil, hemp oil)
CBD isolate is just that: pure CBD extracted from the plant, with no other cannabinoids, terpenes or flavonoids. CBD isolates are typically suspended in oil or glycerin, and can be easily incorporated into other products.

Determining CBD Strength
You’ve probably heard a few times now that it’s important to read the label of your CBD product so that you know the dosage, and this sounds pretty simple, right?

If you’ve ever read a hemp oil or tincture label before, only to be met with confusion, you’re not alone.

Because of the different forms that CBD products can take, it can often be difficult to understand its strength. It doesn’t make things any easier when the products are not clearly labeled.

Typically, what you’ll see with CBD tinctures is the amount of CBD in mg listed per bottle. Keep in mind, the entire bottle, so you’re not going to get all of that CBD in one dose. It’s also important to keep the bottle size in mind, as this will be key in determining how much CBD you’ll get per dose in your product, as well as the CBD percentage.

Determining the percentage can be quite useful, as it can give you a better understanding of how strong your CBD oil tincture is, whether it’s taken in droppers or milliliters.

For instance, a 30 ml bottle of CBD oil may contain 1500 mg CBD, while a 60 mg bottle can also have the same 1500 mg CBD. If we know that a 30 ml bottle of 1500 mg has a strength of 50%, a bottle with double the size would dilute the same amount of CBD by half. So a 60 ml bottle of 1500 mg would be 25%.

While we hope that this will give you a general idea of how to calculate the percentages for your hemp oil, we know it can still be a hassle to determine on your own.
So we broke down our favorite CBD tinctures from low-strength to high strength in this shopper’s guide:

A Shopper’s Guide to Potency Levels
Low Strength (less than 10% CBD)
Looking at the lower end of the spectrum, formulas with lower concentrations of CBD come highly recommended for those new to CBD oil.

Low-strength CBD tinctures are useful for a variety of purposes. For instance, many individuals may have a sensitive endocannabinoid system and might benefit from less CBD, even as they continue to use it. Low-strength CBD tinctures are also well-suited for everyday wellness and managing stress.

JustCBD offers multiple low-strength CBD products.

The 50 mg CBD tincture is easily the lowest-strength dosage, containing roughly 2%. It is perfect for anyone who wants to try CBD, but feels unsure about how it’ll affect them. With its mild formula of honey and vegetable-based glycerin, you’ll have no problem incorporating it into your wellness routine.

With these liquid tinctures, it’s easy to bump up to the 100 mg and 250 mg dosages.

The Coconut Oil tincture also offers the same set of dosages, with the added benefit of coconut oil. This is an excellent source of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) that are excellent for converting into quick, efficient energy as soon as it enters the body.

Mid Potency (15-30% CBD)
Mid-range strengths, generally around 500-800 mg per 30 ml bottle, are perfect for those who’ve tried low-strength CBD tinctures, but feel that they’re not experiencing the effects.

JustCBD’s classic Liquid Honey Tincture is available in 550 mg per 30 ml bottle, which is about 18% CBD. If you need a CBD tincture with a fatty content for cooking, or seek to enhance your wellness routine, the Coconut Oil Tincture is also available at the same dosage.
550 mg = 18% CBD

High Potency (30-60% CBD)
High-strength CBD tinctures are generally recommended for those suffering from a lack of sleep and high levels of stress. First-time CBD users are typically advised to work their way up to this strength level.

For experienced CBD users with a need for potent and reliable relief, we recommend trying the Liquid Honey Tincture. It is perfect for slipping into your evening tea or bedtime beverage. The tea comes in strengths of 1000 mg (roughly 33% CBD) and 1500 mg (50% CBD). Meanwhile, the Coconut Oil Tincture offers its beneficial fatty content and is available in the same dosages.

Choosing Your CBD
Finding your perfect level of CBD might not be completed in one simple calculation. In fact, it often takes a little trial and error to perfect.

The best potency for you is going to depend on your own needs and qualities. When it comes to tinctures, it’s a good rule of thumb to start out with a low-strength. Take the time to observe the way affects your body before making any adjustments.

Whatever CBD strength you choose, make sure that the brand you’re getting is reputable, and creates a trustworthy product that’s worth your money.

Reputable CBD brands will always list their CBD amounts per product on the label, so that you can get an idea of its strength with just a quick glance. At the same time, trustworthy brands will readily offer a certificate of analysis from an independent lab.

JustCBD always sources its CBD from the best-quality hemp grown by experienced and independent farmers throughout the United States.

To view the lab results for your JustCBD products, click here. If you are looking shop the rest of our CBD products.